Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. You have to tag the person who tagged you*. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you..
(*you have to tag the person who tagged you???.. ndak abis-abis lah tag tok mun cemtok.. hawau eh)..

kupi-pes-modifai jak la.. the one in plain white are farid’s (F) while the modified, kaler-kaler are mine [PLK (..and not so PLK)].. ehehe..


1. F: To be honest, I don’t like school, despite the fact that I love learning new things e.g. how does the brain operates, why vultures are bald? What does honey make up of? What happen to the germs while we kiss, do they multiply, or what? And does size really matters? huhuhuuuuu…..
1. PLK: To be honest, i don’t like my job despite the fact that i earn quite a lot out of it (a lot kah?? but never enough).. huhuhuuuuu..... i missed my school years when life was simple and not complicated though add maths had made me miserable somehow..

2. F: I realized the ‘cool girls and boys’ = the top ‘10ners’, are now nowhere to be found…???? I did saw/met 1 or 2 though, but I am certain that I am doing far much better, seriously. Hmmm… something went wrong somewhere, ya thang??
2. PLK: I used to be one of the ‘cool boys’.. but i see myself nowhere if compared to then-not-so-cool members.. i am doing OK (if not worst) but they are doing much much better.. yeahh, something must have been wrong somewhere..

3. F: I’m wild about Books! Ana, my cuz (the ‘tagger’) shared similar sentiment, it runs in the family obviously…Unlike Ana, books that I (currently) read are everywhere – 2 in my car, 3 in my office, 1 in my handbag (in case there is an unnecessary-but-no-choice long queue at the bank…sigh) and 2 on the side table next to my bed.
3. PLK: I don’t like to read, even during school years I didn’t read much.. I relied on group discussion and full attention during lectures..

4. F: I don’t read the same book twice. I’m not kidding.
4. PLK: I don’t like to read but if I found good material, I’ll be glued to it till ‘sadaqar’llah al- azim’ and i tend to read them over and over again.

5. F: Once upon a time, I used to be among the first to queue at the movie ticket stand for the premier midnight shows. Movies based on the best selling novels? ... I would choose the novels because films lack some profound justifications, but wouldn’t be able to prove that in court.
5. PLK: Once upon a time, going out to watch movies was something very rare for me.. I had to lie if i wanted to go and watch movies with friends.. (hihi mintak ampun abah).. my first wide-screen-other-than-tv experience.. 12 years old, panggung Cathay, teenage mutant ninja turtle.. and midnight show?? don’t think about it.. but that was before..
Movies based on the bestselling novels? ... I prefer motion pictures over books because it will save the hassle for me to squint my eyes to read..

6. F: This might sound eerie, but I don’t do window shopping. Period.
6. PLK: I don’t do window shopping either.. but ‘fitting room’ shopping, that’s more like it ahah.. choose classy boutique/ brand, pick expensive garment, pose in front of the mirror while verangan tak sudah.. then walk out with nothing but smile and pocket still full of money (full ka?)

7. F: My height is 160cm and weight 53kg. In my third trimester with Iman, I gained a scandalous 68kg!! I would be eating loads and heaps while on holidays, no worries though because the sightseeing (read: walking) would take care of the piling KGs.
7. PLK: My height is somewhere between 5’11” and 6’ (sik cukup inci) and normal weight 77 ± 1kg. But now i have lost 5kg due to stomach discomfort and loss of appetite.. must work hard (makan-gym-tidor-makan-gym-tidor) to get back to my healthy body weight..

8. F: I wouldn’t know how to eat at a public place alone.
8. PLK: haiya.. dunno how to eat alone ka?.. the same thing maa.. put the food inside your mouth, chew and swallow..
I dont have any problem to be seen dining alone in public places.

9. F: I don’t snack, however, every so often I indulge my cravings for macadamia/almonds chocolate and the dark chocolate ice cream sprinkles with pistachios and sweet corn (huh?!!) … yumm…yummm…
9. PLK: if it’s not because of the stomach problem, I snack most of the time :p

10. F: I don’t cook. I would rather spend *two hours making love than sweating in the kitchen.
10. not-so-PLK: I don’t cook either.. I prefer the idea of spending two hours making sweet, sweaty love on the kitchen counter.. hekk..

11. F: Let me rephrase that. I cook when it is really, really, really necessary. I make a mean cheese omelet, does that count?
11. not-so-PLK: Don’t let me refresh your imagination ‘bout the sweet, steamy love huh.. (sukk.. mejin lah kitak urang ya.. pa senyum sorang-sorang ya?)

12. F: I prefer bread than rice and I like all kind of fruits and probably could survive on fruits alone. I really wish I could bake a loaf of bread. Heck! I bought cookbooks. Helloo, you need to have something after that *two hours, don’t cha?
12. PLK: Bread, rice, fruits.. I gobble almost everything..

13. F: I am a believer of action speaks louder(est) than word.
13. PLK: Me too..

14. F: I adore watches! Collection includes; Guess, Longiness, Dunhill, Rolex, TagH, BUM … of late been ogling at that Omega (and oh, that Tisot too)… (sigh, drools, batting eyelashes…) By the way, my birthday is on the 26th of every month, so take your time, … time = watches, get it?
14. PLK: I dont wear watch and I don’t have one.

15. F: I almost had a fatal accident in KK while on holiday with some friends and I had not revealed this to anybody till now (keep this just between us, okay).
15. PLK: been there (KK), done that (almost fatal accident, but not in kk lah!).. lost some memories, short circuited few wires.. but still alive n kickin’.. yeahh!! Alhamdulillah..

16. F: If I really like that pair of shoes I would probably buy it in 3 different colours. This neurotic inclination also applies to handbags and clothes, and you are surprised???
16. PLK: don’t care much about fashion, matching color, hair style etc..

17. F: Red, brown and black dominate my wardrobe.
17. PLK: no specific color..

18. F: I love rain and the smell of the after effects. They fetch beautiful and painful memories. Dang!
18. PLK: me too.. but no painful memories.. erased during the accident (nang dapat di erase sekati kedak komputer?).. haha..

19. F: I have super sensitive skin. I did the 24-patch test. The preposterous result was I am sensitive to perfume!!! Sheesh!! I love perfume and was totally astounded and horrified by this discovery. So if you got a whiff of that heavenly scent and thought it was perfume, trust me that’s just my sweat, capish?
19. PLK: I have super sensitive heart.. no lah, just kidding..

20. F: Before I engage myself in any sports activities, I must first take a shower. My colleagues and I play badminton on Wednesdays/Fridays. If the match/game starts at 5:00pm, I would shower at 4:30pm and would shower again after the match/game. Absurd? I know.
20. PLK: Don’t bother much about taking shower right after sports.. as long as there’s no intolerable BO.. Meher? I know. Haha..

21. F: I always make sure that Clorets (ocean mint) or Woods peppermint lozenges are within my reach. I see my dentist every 6 month. Here, have some, please, I insist. Please don’t tell her my addiction. (Don’t be a squealer, nobody like squealers!)
21. PLK: I just mintak the Clorets (whatever flavour) or Woods peppermint lozenges when I know my friends have them. I try my best to see my dentist every 6 months but usually manage to pay them a visit only once a year (usually before Ramadhan).

22. F: DO NOT PROMISE me anything or say something to that connotation. If you do, and later abuse the innocent “I forgot”, I would response sweetly and equally innocent with “Go fly kite!” or say something to that connotation too. Why? Our words have lost almost all their value.
22. PLK: I don’t like to make promises but tend to abuse the innocent “I forgot”.. hehe.. haven’t you?

23. F: The first time I saw Iman’s angelic-sweet-crumple-covered-with-gunk face, I instantaneously comprehend what is meant by unconditional love. Then I passed out. You would too if you were in labour more than 12 hours!!! The laughing gas did not help much! Gosh! What’s in heaven’s name, were the doctor and nurses thinking???!!
23. PLK: Unconditional love.. does it really exist? how does it feel?.. is it good?.. how/ where can i get it?

24. F: I have friends and family to smack me back to my senses if happen that I deviate a little. A biz that some day Iman could take over, a healthy body and more often than not people I bump into say I don’t look my age (I got it from my mama), hey, what more can you ask for? Mmmm…could you give me a minute?…
24. PLK: Me too.. (me too ajaklah.. dah sekda idea agik tok oii..banyak gilak fakta daa..)

25. F: ...............
25. PLK: ............. (nei no 25 nei?.. mesti ku ada telupak kupi or terdelete tok.. sik hal.. kira diskon jak lah k ;p)



mama belian n cengal said...

ya baruk panjang tag ya... nasibnya kupi pes..

WhiteTulip said...

hahaha..lucu menaaa...nak not-so-PLK ya nang molah mek tetak sorang depan PC..and,nomo 25 yaa..hihi..

aritok said...

sapa soh maen kupipes? 25 random things abt ursep lah... awak molah based on my 25.

ihhhh dah la meyherr las-ma gik eh, huahuahuaa sukatikumesen jak..

btw u miss this - I am not that hard to please ... awak tek? hard o not?

makseh ki (mun babe bole la madah ilebbyu, awak makseh jak la ...)


f.i.e.z.a said...

senyum sorang sorang mek baca entry tok.hehhe..adehh eh.ktk lucu eh,btw u look so familiar to me.ktk unimas ka dlok?maybe ktk kwn abg kmk :)

farah.loren said...

konpius maca . very the hmm..

u look familiar, blakon gossip girl ka? wueaehahehahae

AmirFX said...

Aok owhhh... Familiar jak muka dirik tuk... Bukan tinggal d Kpg. Boyan sia ka???

dukunlintah plk said...

haihh.. ku piker sekda urang sudi maca nok panjang berjela tok.. ada juga yang sudi.. hehe makseh.. lep yu ol muahmuah..

dukunlintah plk said...

ya lah hoh.. nasibnya kupi pes.. sik semena-mena alu glem juak farid dikerja ku haha..

sukk.. mejin (:p~) lah nya ya koh..

not so hard, not so not hard either.. hihi

fieza suka urang bujang wangi..
sigek lagik kes urang senyum sorang2 depan pc.. yup unimas.. sapa abg ktk tek?

hmmmmmm? what hmmmmmm? hmmmprey kah? awwwuuu..

muka mengarei di pasar kali nak.. sik ehh kampong boyan.. tresville (kpg no.3).

f.i.e.z.a said...

abg mek, muhd nunggah nya rahmat.kenal sik?

dukunlintah plk said...

kenal, kenal menar.. salam ngan chegu mat n chegu ita k.

WhiteTulip said...

ktk kmpg no 3 duhal...umah ninek mek kpg nomo 4...slalu juak lepak kat keday sri azam jati sia...hihi..

n i e z a said...

fact no:10 ya paling best. ;p

dukunlintah plk said...

sri azam jati ya sine hoh? aku nama jak kampong ya, tapi....

best ka? ya fakta ncang ajak.. ncerik ku lom.. (dush.. me horny lately).. erkkk hahaha..

n i e z a said...

takut ktk take it wrong way, kmk x sure best ka x. upa cam best jak. ku lom ncerik juak. haha..

dukunlintah plk said...

aihh.. panjang juak nok no. 10 ya..

n i e z a..
rite kah rong kah.. mesti mok berfikiran rong ahaha..